Science Week 2024

British Science Week – Theme: Time

Last week was British Science Week and Normand Croft got fully involved…some might say, it went off with a BANG!!

We welcomed a range of scientists into our school to carry out lots of ‘hands on’ learning, all focused on the special ‘TIME’ theme!

Please read the following news items to find out what we got up to.

National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

British Science Week – Theme: TIME

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) came in to work with us! All classes undertook an investigation to find out whether their dominant or non-dominant hand had the fastest reaction TIME. We investigated this by dropping, and catching, a ruler.

We needed to make accurate measurements and then we compared our results. We then used our findings to draw a conclusion and shared the results with the whole school.

Great Exhibition, Big Ideas Workshop, presented by Imperial College

Science Week – Theme: TIME

Class 3 embarked on in a thrilling science workshop, where they travelled though TIME, looking at how science has progressed from the past, to the present and delving into the future! They then became inventors and engineers of their own, designing and making a machine for the future.

Some of their amazing work will be displayed at the Great Exhibition Road Festival on 15th & 16th June, find out more here:

Assembly Show, presented by Mother Nature Science

We marveled in awe and wonder at the exciting science demonstrations that were performed by a visiting scientist, Omar.

Together we investigated, how bubbles are formed and made some enormous floating bubbles. We also learnt what force makes a deflating balloon move, and finally, we create an exploding breakfast with a cornflour!



Mother Nature Science

Science Week – Theme: TIME

Mother Nature Science Company came in to run science workshops with classes 1- 6, related to the National Science Week theme ‘TIME’.

The children all made sundials and learnt that you can tell what TIME it is depending on where the Sun casts its shadow on the sundial.

The Blackett Lab Family

Science Week – Theme: TIME

We were thrilled to welcome Matthew, a scientist from The Blacketts Lab Family. The Blacketts Lab Family are a collective of UK based Black physicists with a mission of changing the face of physics. Matthew spent the afternoon working with Class 4 developing their understanding of how sounds travels in waves and our brains translate these waves into sounds.

They also learnt that the speed (TIME) of the sound wave effects the pitch of the sound. The smaller number of waves occurring in a given amount of TIME, the lower the pitch and vice versa.